The Soul’s LIght

The Soul’s LIght

Spiritual Healing

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”
~ Hippocrates

The healing arts are now a part of our culture. It is nothing new, it is something that has been around for thousands of years, but is has become widely known through the Spiritualist movement.

Spiritual healing involves three components; Spirit, a medium and a patient. It is a very natural process, which can affect the human form on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is about allowing Spirit and the power of God – the Divine Source of life – direct access to the medium through whom specific healing energies are then directed where ever needed in the patient. The healer’s hands are placed on the recipient’s shoulders as the healer attunes to the spiritual healing power, and the healing takes place.

What are the benefits of spiritual healing?

  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing
  • Raises the vibration/frequency of the body
  • Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension
  • Increases vitality and postpones the aging process
  • Supports the immune system
  • It accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities
  • Aids better sleep
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Can help with acute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.) and aides the breaking of addictions
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins
  • Helps clear and balance aura, chakras, and meridians

Even customary medical evidences suggest that spiritual healing, in complement with traditional medical care, can increase positive outcomes for patients with a range of conditions.

Barbara advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Healing sessions are approximately 30 minutes. You will need to bring your own witness (someone accompanying you).

The cost of this service $85 CAD.

If you would like to experience the benefits of spiritual healing, book your healing session now by calling 905.338.9349 or emailing

“Spiritual healing is not an act of magic, it is a spirit evidence.”

~ Harry Edwards