My clients have been happy to share their joy with our sessions.

“My mother and I were introduced to Barbara through a family friend several years ago. From the first few moments of my first reading I knew I had come to the right place and have met a very gifted and compassionate Medium. I have participated in both Barbara’s Astrology and Mediumship services which have proven to be more than just accurate, they have helped me in my personal growth journey and more recently in the healing process of the loss of my mom. Barabra provides a safe, open and loving environment for her clients to receive messages. If you are looking for some direction in your life, or you want to connect with loved one, or you are simply curious about Astrology and Mediumship, I recommend Barbara without hesitation.”

~ Gabriella

“It is a pleasure to write this testimonial on my trance healing experiences with Barbara. This woman is heaven sent. I’ve suffered with chronic migraines for several years and before meeting Barbara I would be in agony 3-4 times a week. After my very first session i noticed it would be weeks between my migraines and not days. The more I went for treatment, the less pain I was in. Without knowing my past medical history Barbara was able to identify and treat other ailments that I’ve been also suffering from. She’s warm, passionate and extremely professional. I feel so comfortable in her care and will be forever thankful to her for improving the quality of my life.”

~ Aleks M.

“I’ve been seeing Barbara for 2 years now to help with various medical issues. Her treatments are extremely effective and unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. She creates a warm and inviting atmosphere and it is clear that she’s a master at her craft. This woman is blessed in many ways and I am lucky to have found her. I continue to see Barbara and follow up on my treatments as needed. I don’t know what I would do without her healing touch.”

~ Roma M.

“I was diagnosed with a large cyst in my ovaries and it was causing extreme abdominal pain. I was scheduled for surgery but not for another few months. I started to see Barb for headings, I was unsure if this would help but I had tried everything and modern medications were not providing relief. As soon as Barb started the healing I felt comfort and warmth coming from her hands, I was feeling complete relaxation. The pain started to suppress immediately. After a few days the pain was so minor to the point I could function normally again. I saw Barb a few times after this and I know she contributed to my reduced pain, I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking another form of treatment. Thank you so much Barb!”

~ Rachel

“Barbara is not only an incredible astrologer/psychic medium/spiritual healer, but an amazing person as well! She is very compassionate, knowledgeable, funny, loving, and caring! Barbara loves helping people to find their right life path and happiness. Her honest readings, wisdom, guidance, and encouragement helped me to have a better understanding of my life struggles and how to overcome them. She gave me hope when I had none! I’m so lucky to have her in my life and I’m forever grateful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Elzbieta K. Milton, ON