“…ways and I am lucky to have found her. I continue to see Barbara and follow up on my treatments as needed. I don’t know what I would do without her healing touch. clients have been happy to share their experience of spiritual healing.” ~ Roma M.

“I was diagnosed with a large cyst in my overies and it was causing extreme abdominal pain. I was scheduled for surgery but not for another few months. I started to see Barb for headings, I was unsure if this would help but I had tried everything and modern medications were not providing relief. As soon as Barb started the healing I felt comfort and warmth coming from her hands, I was feeling complete relaxation. The pain started to suppress immediately. After a few days the pain was so minor to the point I could function normally again. I saw Barb a few times after this and I know she contributed to my reduced pain, I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking another form of treatment. Thank you so much Barb!” ~ Rachel

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